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Historic Cassville

cassville arialCassville was established as the county seat of Barry Count in 1845 and named for Brigadier General Lewis Cass, a leading statesman of that time.
A little over seven years before its founding, the Cherokee Indians camped nearby as they made the infamous “Trail of Tears” journey from the Southeastern part of the country to Oklahoma.
The Civil War brought difficult times to Cassville as both Union and Confederate Armies marched through on the Old Wire Road which connected Springfield to Fayetteville Arkansas. Sixty three Civil War soldiers, both Union and Confederate, are buried at Oak Hill Cemetery in Cassville. During this time the Missouri General Assembly met in Cassville on October 31, 1861 and Missouri’s Articles of Secession were signed. Cassville served as the State capitol of Missouri for exactly one week.
From 1896 until the late 1950’s the Cassville and Exeter Railroad, famous for the shortest standard gauge railroad in the country, operated between the two towns.
Cassville’s courthouse was built in 1912 from stone quarried nearby. It replaced the old brick structure which previously stood on the same site. In 1846 the first courthouse had been a log structure. The brick structure which replaced it burned down in 1893. Many of the buildings currently downtown around the courthouse were built in the 1890’s to replace those destroyed by that fire.
More information on the history of Cassville can be found at the Barry County Museum , Barry Lawrence Regional Library, and on historical land mark signs in the area.

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